Listed below are some of he ways that we are attempting to fulfill our church's vision:

Local Outreach

  • We desire to impact our own local communities, wherever we may live, with special focus on the Madison area of North Nashville. While long-term relationships are essential in bearing witness to the Gospel, God has also used meetings with strangers who "happened to be there" (Acts 17:17) to bring the Gospel to.
  • For this reason, we want to train and plan for evangelism that engages people we meet on the street. We also desire to create relationships in our neighborhoods to strengthen Christians in the Gospel and reach the lost. This is a part of loving our neighbor as ourselves. 

Church Planting

  • Our desire is to see churches planted with biblically qualified leadership and a vibrant, Gospel-centered message and a missional mindset. 
  • We are presently involved with two works:
  • Hope Community Church (West Nashville) with church planter Jeremy Meeks.
  • Reformed Baptist Fellowship (Lewisburg, TN) with church planter Tom Gabbard.


  • Cambodia - The Farmers are a RBCN family who are serving with EMU in Cambodia. Their work includes evangelism, pastoral teaching, and pursuit of church planting.
  • Zambia - We have worked to establish a pastors' college, support church planting efforts, and benevolence to orphans through the "Hope for the Afflicted" ministry. These are being done through the support of local churches in Zambia. We are also in support of Lion of Zambia.
  • China - We help support a brother who is very involved with church planting, training of pastors, and evangelism among this needy people. His wife is especially involved with ministries to women and children, seeking to give practical help as well as spiritual guidance. Due to the nature and place of their work, we are not able to give more information here.


  • Philippines - We support children through Christian Compassion Ministries. This is an outreach to street children in the Philippines, giving both practical help (housing, food, clothing, and education) as well as spiritual nurturing.
  • Zambia - We support orphans and children in need of help with schooling.
  • Compassion International - a number of our individual church members also help support children through Compassion International.