RBC Nashville Sunday worship will be meeting on the campus of JECA at 4479 Jackson Rd. Whites Creek beginning Sunday, June 3rd. On that Sunday, we will have worship service ONLY.


Literally "good news," the Gospel is the most important, life-giving truth and message that could ever be heard. God created man and woman sinless and in fellowship with Him with the mandate to bear fruit and multiply while ruling and subduing the earth, exercising dominion over creation. Tragically, tempted by a created being to question God's word and doubt God's goodness, the man and the woman disobeyed God within the garden Paradise He had created for them, introducing spiritual and physical death into the world. As a result, they were cast out of Paradise and the presence of God to suffer the curses of pain, difficult labor and relational strife for them and their descendants. But not before a promise. God made a promise that from the woman would come a descendant who would crush the Serpent who had deceived them and sent the world on a trajectory of sin, death and pain. The Gospel is the culmination of that promise. Jesus Christ, God's only Son, fully God and fully Man, took on flesh and blood and entered into the Story with us. He lived the sinless life that we were made to live, died a death and suffered the wrath of God for punishment that we deserved, and was raised to life by God's power in vindication of His claims to be the Son of God and in demonstration of His power over sin and death. Through true repentance and belief in Jesus Christ, we can be united with Him, credited with His righteousness, delivered from God's wrath and into his Fatherly love with the promise that one day, God will make all things new, and we too shall rise in glorified bodies and dwell with Him forever in a Paradise that far exceeds the one that was lost. Could there be better news?

The video above features an artistic portrayal of this good news. If you haven't thoughtfully considered the truth of the Gospel, it is our hope that you will wrestle with its claims, repent and believe and walk in the newness of life and joy that comes with being a Christ-follower.  


  • Attention! RBC Nashville Sunday worship will be meeting on the campus of JECA at 4479 Jackson Rd. Whites Creek beginning Sunday, June 3rd. On that Sunday, we will have worship service ONLY.
  • On Sunday mornings, we have a church-wide, adult Sunday school class that meets from 9:30-10:30 AM, along with concurrent, age-appropriate Sunday school classes for children up to fifth grade age. Occasionally, we have Sunday school classes aimed at a specific demographic (e.g., women, teens etc.) that meet during the same time slot.
  • Our worship service starts 30 minutes after Sunday School at 11:00 AM, between which there is a 30-minute break for d, coffee and breakfast (provided by RBC Nashville).   
  • Currently, we gather on the bottom floor of Tower 2, Due West Towers
  • Entrance at: 612 W Due West Ave, Madison, TN 37115 (soon to change, see note above)
  • Upon entering, drive to the right side of the building and around back. There you will see the parking and entrance for Tower 2.


  • Several years of our sermons and Sunday school series are available for free on SermonAudio.
  • Please keep in mind that the newer the teaching, the more likely it is to reflect our present understanding and emphasis as we grow and mature in Christ.
  • We hope you will listen with both discernment and grace.
  • Also, we encourage you not to use these resources as a substitute for your attendance and commitment to a specific local church.