An Update from the Elders of RBC Nashville: 

As Pastor Stephen mentioned last week, we will resume meeting in-person this Sunday, 8/9/20 with an abbreviated service starting at 10AM instead of 11. Below is an outline put together by our safety team for your careful review:

We will no longer broadcast the service through Zoom. The service will be broadcasted only through sermon audio which can be accessed through the embedded player on our website as well as sermon audio’s MyChurch app (available for both Apple and Android).

Until further notice, breakfast/coffee, Sunday School, the nursery, and lunch will not be available, so please plan your morning accordingly.

If, within 24 hours of our service, you have experienced any of the following, please stay home and participate via the livestream:

1) Have been in close contact with anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19,

2) Are experiencing a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing, gastrointestinal irregularities (vomiting or diarrhea), loss of smell and/or taste, an onset of unusual or unexplained itchy patches on your skin, increasing confusion and mental cloudiness, unexplained eye issues (redness, itchy, watery, other discharge),

3) Or, without taking any medications, have a fever (over 100 ̊F ) (in the last 48 hours)

If you feel ill in any way, please stay home or leave the meeting immediately.

Everyone age 7 and older is required to wear a mask that covers one’s nose and mouth—no exceptions (not even medical/psychological). The only exception will be the person at the microphone speaking (they will remove the mask to speak and then put it back on when done). The mask must always be worn while inside the building. If you are not planning to wear a mask, then we ask that you remain home and participate through the livestream. Spare masks will be available at the door if you do not have one, however it is highly encouraged that you bring your own masks (no crocheted or obviously porous masks).

Please enter through the main entrance doors upon arrival. Contact a deacon or the on-duty usher/monitor if the use of another entrance is absolutely necessary (wheelchairs).

Please sanitize your hands upon entrance into the building and frequently thereafter.

When using the restrooms, if possible, please allow for single use only (only 1 person in the restroom at a time).

Please adhere to the signs that are placed throughout the building.

After the service, we encourage everyone to immediately exit through the opened gym doors to the parking lot.

After the initial week, we ask for those planning to attend the service to register through signup genius (the link will be sent out in the mid-week email).

We look forward to being back together again, and appreciate your prayers, encouragement and patience as we seek to navigate a difficult time with wisdom.

The Elders

P.S. To repeat once more, will be meeting at 10AM, not 11AM. So, don’t show up at 11. That would be sad.


We are happy to make our public teaching available online for those not able to join us and for those who keep up with us from afar! Nevertheless, we urge you not to use these resources as a substitute for local church membership and participation. 

Note: If slides or notes accompanied a teaching, they will be available under the "PDF Text" section below the teaching links. 


Literally "good news," the Gospel is the most important, life-giving truth and message that could ever be heard. God created man and woman sinless and in fellowship with Him with the mandate to bear fruit and multiply while ruling and subduing the earth, exercising dominion over creation. 

Tragically, tempted by a created being to question God's word and doubt God's goodness, the man and the woman disobeyed God within the garden Paradise He had created for them, introducing spiritual and physical death into the world. As a result, they were cast out of Paradise and the presence of God to suffer the curses of pain, difficult labor and relational strife for them and their descendants. But not before a promise. 

God made a promise that from the woman would come a descendant who would crush the Serpent who had deceived them and sent the world on a trajectory of sin, death and pain. The Gospel is the culmination of that promise. 

Jesus Christ, God's only Son, fully God and fully Man, took on flesh and blood and entered into the Story with us. He lived the sinless life that we were made to live, died a death and suffered the wrath of God for punishment that we deserved, and was raised to life by God's power in vindication of His claims to be the Son of God and in demonstration of His power over sin and death.

Through true repentance and belief in Jesus Christ, we can be united with Him, credited with His righteousness, delivered from God's wrath and into his Fatherly love with the promise that one day, God will make all things new, and we too shall rise in glorified bodies and dwell with Him forever in a Paradise that far exceeds the one that was lost. Could there be better news?

The video above features an artistic portrayal of this good news. If you haven't thoughtfully considered the truth of the Gospel, it is our hope that you will wrestle with its claims, repent and believe and walk in the newness of life and joy that comes with being a Christ-follower.