Church Membership

  • We are committed to preserving a church membership comprised only of those who have repented and believed the Gospel and are also living a life of ongoing repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Toward this end, the membership process at RBC Nashville starts with completing a petition for membership (which can be found hereand submitting it to the elders for review. After this submission, an elder will contact the candidate to schedule a membership interview in which the candidate’s faith, understanding of the gospel and desire to pursue membership will be discussed.
  • Following the membership interview, the candidate’s written understanding of the Gospel, account of coming to faith in Christ and reasons for currently believing they are a genuine Christ-follower will be sent out to the congregation for review over a three-week period. During this period, congregants are encouraged to ask the candidate questions about anything in their responses that may require clarification.
  • After this period, the candidate will be accepted into membership at a worship gathering on the first Sunday of the month, in conjunction with reciting the Church Covenant for the first time with the rest of the congregation. If the candidate is seeking baptism, this will generally take place on the same day in conjunction with their acceptance into membership.